Full Control

What no Intellivision or ColecoVision?

No offense. Nice shirt.

Sweatshirt? It’s 90 in Texas.

No Vectrex either :frowning:

First thing it looked like to me was a swastika pattern made from game controllers. No offense intended toward the artist at all.

If you see a swastika in that…

Sad for the left-out Sega Saturn (in more ways than one, I suppose). Nice design, by the way!

Yet they just had blizzards up north.

Yes, the Duke.

What’s the one in the top-left corner? I was thinking that one was Sega Saturn…

Thanks for the comments all ! Thanks for the print Woot ! Always glad to hear my art has allowed for a lil’ self discovery!

It’s an original x-box controller. Note the controllers are not to scale because that controller alone wouldn’t have fit on the shirt.

Reminds me of the shirt I already have. One of the first from shirt.woot from way back in the day!


Missing my favorite game console controller of all times: TurboGrafx 16.