Full Face Snorkel Mask by Tower

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Full Face Snorkel Mask by Tower
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Has any one uses these before. Are they worth the money. Do they really work.

I own the Tribord made snorkel which is supposedly the “original” one. It mostly works very well or at least much better than regular snorkels. However some companies design the airflow differently and the mask will fog. 50$ is totally worth it.

Why are the sizes small/medium or large/XL?

this whole thing would be much less confusing if the sizes were small and large…

so if you order large/XL…do you get one of either randomly packaged size?

This real common these days with ball caps. One mask covers two sizes. So if you have a large head get the large/xlarge size.

I can tell you the sizes are pretty accurate. My daughter (9) and I both wear the sm/med while my husband wears the l/xl mask.

The straps are soft elastic and you may have to readjust the mask while snorkeling after the straps get wet.

FYI . . . . If you have facial hair, you may not have a tight seal and could possibly experience some small water seepage.

I love these mask and it makes it so much easier for snorkeling and they are more comfortable than the traditional snorkel mask.

Traditionally I’ve used regular snorkels during trips and I take in more water than I’d like. Because of the two chamber system it seems this wouldn’t happen on this unit.

How good is the Dry Top technology system?

FYI: You cannot dive down with these full face masks on. You have no way to equalize the pressure in your ears that increases as you dive down. Equalizing requires you to hold your nose and blow air into your ears. There is no access to your nose in this type of mask, as there is in a normal mask. The large volume of air in the mask creates a strong pressure on your face as you dive down that cannot be relieved as it can with a normal mask and breathing out slightly through your nose. So, if you like to freedive down to get a closer look at the reef and creatures, do not purchase one of these masks.

Saw these in use in Hawaii last summer. Those using them were diving. In talking with them afterwards, they didn’t mention any issues with ear equalization or discomfort. They loved the masks and thought they were much better than standard snorkels they used to use.

Anyone know how much they weigh? I’m going to the tropics with carry-on only and need to keep it light.

the free diving problem is correct.You can easily damage your ear drums if you don’t equalize.
I’ve seen a full face scuba mask similar to this but you have access to your nose to equalize.

No different from any “dry top” snorkel: a ball that floats up and blocks the hole when submerged. Useless if you breathe like a swimmer (hole too narrow) and very dependent on the quality of the valve, but otherwise plenty functional.

I believe people who have problems snorkeling with the regular setup love these things, Or at least the original one, as build quality etc. varies.


pretty awesome reviews at the mothership… $15 cheaper on Woot than with prime.

The solution to getting water into the snorkel is to get a snorkel with a purge valve. Even if water comes in, it goes out with a small breath because you don’t have to blow the water out the top, only through the valve at the bottom.

Semi-dry top and dry tops are also available with ordinary snorkels, not just this full-face type. The advantage of getting a separate snorkel is that you can then find a mask that works for you, and if you wear glasses as I do you can get a prescription mask.

As was pointed out above, if you plan on diving down below the surface (which is much of the point of snorkeling, for me!) you will want a lower-volume mask (less trapped air) and the ability to hold your nose to equalize pressure.

This full-face mask seems to me to be a good solution for people who have issues with putting their faces into the water and want to be able to float and look down, but for most people, the regular combination of mask and (semi-dry with purge valve) snorkel will be better.

Here is a page on the features of different types of snorkel: https://www.thoughtco.com/snorkel-styles-and-features-4086385

I used them in Fiji. Absolutely amazing to swim with. Biggest pro is breathing through your nose and the views you get. The biggest Cons are that it is harder to dive down with. Leaks are not an issue because it self drains.

Can you keep your glasses on? It would do me no good if I can’t see worth a darn without them…

Also would like to hear more about the beard issue. Anyone know if a moderate goatee would be an issue, or when they mention “large beard” are they referring to ZZ Top?

As a non-swimmer who likes the water, this might be a real treat.

For surface swimming only. You cannot dive under the surface with these. They’re not designed for that.

It is approximately 1.2 lbs.

I disagree with everybody stating that this can only be used on the surface. I’ve been scuba diving for 15 years, and snorkeling much longer. The first time I tried a full face mask was in Hawaii last year. I was blown away by the wide field of view and experience of breathing comfortably through my nose.

I’m able to equalize the pressure in my ears by flexing my jaw, which does not require pinching my nose. As such, I had no problem free-diving down to about 15 feet with the full face mask on.

When I came back up, I could easily blow through the snorkel, just like I would with a regular one, and resume breathing as normal.

I highly recommend full face masks, and this is a lot less expensive than the one we used in Hawaii. I’m in for two!