Full Face Snorkel Mask by Tower

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Full Face Snorkel Mask by Tower
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4/14/2017 - $49.99

An interesting deal, but seems like fogging might be a problem eventually, even if breathing goes through a separate (but nearby) channel. Anyone?

Amazon has been having much better deals on the 180 degree masks than this. Especially if it’s a lightning deal.

Got an Honorable Mention rating on this review site…and definitely less than you will pay for the top 3.

These are great. I bought two and love them. Don’t fog or leak. Comfortable for hours of snorkeling.

It kind of looks like the toilets they use in jail.

What’s a weight of it?

Bought two and we snorkeled in the Caribbean with them. Loved them. They didn’t fog up at all and offered great viewing range. Ours have the mount on top for securing a go-pro camera. These don’t appear to have that feature.

You spit into the mask and wipe it around to prevent fogging.

These could make a good Halloween mask.

It looks like one of those oxygen masks from Avatar. I didn’t know I wanted one of those until I saw this…

If you snorkel, these are the way to go despite how odd they look. I can’t speak to this exact model, we have a similar model that we just took down to St. Thomas and snorkeled in pretty rough water and had NO issues at all with this design.
People may have thought our masks were weird looking but we were the ones laughing in the end when they were choking up water that went down their breathing tubes on those old style setups. The check valves worked great on these.

Ours had the GoPro attachment option on top but, in the waves the camera was out of the water more than in the water so, might be best to just carry your camera.

Or just buy a bottle of Frog Spit mask defogger.It works better and isn’t quite so gross to watch someone apply.

Snorkel-Man too sexist. Try something new for Modern Superhero name. Covers all genders, known and unknown. Meet “Snorkelface” the bain to Evil Doers everywhere!

Bought 5 of these for a trip to Galapagos and left them all there. Fogged easily, even with anti-fog solution before hand, leaked from snorkel and without a painfully tight strap leaked around the mask. A big waste of money. Oh, and you can’t equalize if you like to dive down while snorkeling. I should have realized that when I bought them, but I didn’t.

Men with facial hair, beware!

If you have a beard, even a short one, this will leak water in. I keep my facial hair pretty short but it seems like anything more than a 5 o’clock shadow is going to break the seal.

Unfortunately the continuous fogging affects the enjoyment of the mask. Only way to reduce this fogging is to use a SCUBA mask defogger product like ZOOKE, 500 PSI or Sea Drops.

Just saw these in a dive store last weekend, and laughed my ass off. This is for people who don’t want to take the 20-30 minutes to “learn” how to snorkel. Take the time, learn a new skill.

These are heavy and bulky. Regardless of what you buy, use some non-whitening (non-abrasive) toothpaste on the inside of the lense before you use the first time - removes the film and will help with the fogging. Spit/soap works as well - small drop of baby shampoo and smear (and rinse) as well.

I’m a scuba instructor and I think I’d get claustrophobic using this. Most people have those issues with full face masks the first time. Regardless, again - use these things before your vacations. Finding out something does not work or is troublesome is not something I want to do on vacation.

Be careful out there as well, lots of stuff that can hurt you underwater - and don’t touch/stand on the coral!!!

I wear glasses and I’ve yet to find one of these that will work with glasses. Anyone know a larger one or one that perhaps wraps the whole head to seal around glasses? Contacts are not an option either.