Full Face Snorkel Mask by Tower

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Full Face Snorkel Mask by Tower
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I got one of these (Full Face Snorkel, but different brand, concept is all the same) for my son (Age 4.5 at the time). He loved it, practically taught him how to swim with it. His main fear was breathing underwater, these things are AWESOME! Wife and I snap bought one too after seeing him using it. Now that we have another son, I might pick up another for when he’s able to swim in the pool.

Here is a handy dandy guide for those of you wondering which mask your face fits into.

I also have two of another brand, for my kids, and for myself. These things are great. Basically, you breathe normally; no tube in your mouth. Also, the breathing area is separated from the viewing area, so for the most part it doesn’t fog up. Really way better than regular snorkeling.

As far as the deal, I rate it meh.

I have one of these (same brand) and I absolutely love it. The rubber gasket around the face is flexible enough that it fits my adult head and my 6 year old daughter (once you pull the straps real tight.

I own a pool and this is super useful for getting pine cones and other detritus from the bottom, stuff that my pool robot can’t vacuum up.

My only complaint is that if you breathe out while completely underwater the little ball that seals the snorkel lets in a trickle of water before it seals again, something that a more engineered gasket wouldn’t do.

Does it have to ability to decompress?

Why, you have enough lung capacity to equalise a full-face mask? Of course it doesn’t, it’s not great at clearing the snorkel either.

It’s great for people who have a problem breathing through the tube.

Once again WOOT posts a product without country of manufacture…I will assume it is either China or North Korea.
Bad deal WOOT/Amazon!

You can safely assume it was not manufactured in the DPRNK.

Seems like a decent deal to me.

Seriously? The US hasn’t imported from North Korea in DECADES.

I have one of this style of mask. The silicone valves increase resistance to air flow, so you have to put extra effort into breathing. This is only a problem if you are swimming fast, but is still a problem.

I’ve seen many of these for the same price that is not a refurb. What gives woot?

Hello! These are brand new, not refurbs!