Full Range Motion TV Mount: 37"-70" TVs

Hi! Can this be used to mount a 65 inch curved tv?

The description only mentions flat tvs, so I feel like you probably need a special mount for curved tvs.

Yes…according to “BB” (electronic store) and friends using it

Does anybody know if you can mount to brick chimney? I bought a mount before and it said it was made ONLY for drywall install. But said nothing of this when I bought it so I don’t want to have same thing happen. Thanks for any replies

I’m not an expert on mounting TV mounts but in my experience of mounting other things, What you are mounting is not as important as what hardware you use to mount said object. That being said if you are mounting to a brick surface you will need a masonry drill bit and the appropriate shields and lags to firmly affix the TV mount to the wall which, (with not knowing myself what hardware comes with the mount) may require a trip to the local hardware store. Hope this helps.