Full-Size 10” Memory Foam Mattress

Anyone ever used one of these?

Ahhh I wonder how good this would be for a camper mattress?

These come up every so often on Woot. Are there any previous buyers out there who can report on this?

Specifically, I want to know:

-How hot is it in the summer?
-How warm in the winter?
-How has it held up (is it sagging or deformed)?

Previous Wooting:


These are so cute. I bet you could order three and have the world’s most thrilling giant domino drop.

Edit: Or some spirited mattress jousting.

How is this shipped? Do they roll it up in some ungodly fashion and it pops out like those peanut snakes? Or do they bring it to your door while playing the theme song to 2010 a space travesty?

If it arrives standing upright in my front lawn, I’ll buy one just for that. I’ll immediately run out and throw some bones at it for good measure.

I bought 3 twin size ones and wish I had waited to buy a full. These are very firm and not too hot.

Read reviews before you buy!


Correct link for reviews:

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Anyone know if this would work well as a futon mattress?

How much is the shipping weight & dimensions? How much would it cost me to ship to Oahu, Hawaii?

From Kansas City.

Does anyone know if this mattress needs a frame? Or can I just toss it on my floor and sleep on it?

Can I use two of these side by side for a king size bed?

So this serves as the mattress right? Its not just an overcovering or something?

i.e. I can stick this in my ikea frame and not have my bed implode?

No, King size is closer to 2 twin beds

Im not too sure about the review at overstock, but I know that if you go to buy one of the tempurpedic at a store they will not sell it to you unless you have proper box spring for the matress. YOU CAN NOT USE A TRADITIONAL BOX SPRING for this and expect it to work. The matress needs full support, or yes you WILL get backaches and wake up sore.

Can anyone provide feedback as to how a person weighing 200-250 pounds would feel on this? Would you just sink to the bottom?