Full Size Memory Foam Mattress

Why go with traditional when you have the pillow top option?

For anyone who is apprehensive, I bought the Queen size of this mattress last time Woot sold it and I could not be happier with it.

It is extremely comfortable, provides enough support, and didn’t require a box spring - just put wooden slats on the bed frame and it is perfect!

Bought the Queen Pillow Top version of this mattress a year ago from Woot, feels fantastic.

Also wouldn’t be too worried about the opening within 48 hours part, left mine in the shipping tube for a week and it was fine, just took a while to expand.

Will my current sheets fit with the pillow top or does this mean I’ll have to go out and buy all new sheets?

possible ‘flipping’ complications

Full size?
Here in 'merica we use things like “Queen” and “King”


PROTIP: Full means “Double”.

Woot must be from France or something.

product description says it never needs flipping

Full is also a size frequently referenced. =P (I bought my first real bed recently and learned this.)

Woot Staff:
Is this from the same manufacturer as the last one you sold, the Queen size?

If so, it’s freaking fantastic.

Overstock has a good buying guide for memory foam mattresses:


And cleaning guide:


anyone own this bed already? if so how do you like it? I have a crappy full spring mattress now and this looks awesome. One question, how heavy is it, and is it somewhat easy to move? I am a student and will likely be moving apartments in 4 months, wondering about how to transport it.

I am wondering if this will work on a futon. It might be flexable enough to work in the sitting position. Any thought?

It’s not that heavy, way ligher than a steel box spring that’s for sure. I can easily pick it up to vacuum around it or even move it out of the room. No problemo.

So psyched. Woot has only had Queen-size mem foam mattresses before. Not sure about this brand, but memory foam is the best sleep we have ever had. If Woot offered twin mattresses we would share the joy with our kids instead of making them sleep on bare cement.

Got what I ASSume is the same mattress from WOOT in king size about 6 months ago. Wish I could say I like it but I will be replacing it ASAP. Some nights I like it but most I feel like I am sinking into a rut. I am “big boned” and wonder if less grandios folks might not sink in so much… Also I used it in the winter and found it warm, I wonder how hot it will be in the summer. Not terrible, but not how I want to spend 1/3 of my life.

I also bought the queen size about a month ago. Put it on top of my boxspring, I love it. It’s not very heavy, my 10 yr old son and I (mom) were able to move it from one room to another no problem. My old mattress was heavier, while it did have an odd odor, that went away in a couple of days.

I have a pillow top queen mattress (springs, not memory foam), and I wish I’d gotten a traditional and a separate pad on top. With pillow top mattresses, the pillow part is sewn on permanently. When it goes thin, you’re screwed. Also, sheets are hard to find for my particular mattress, so there’s that to consider too.

How much of a deal is this? whats the next comparable mattress?

I rofl’ed.