Fuming Mad

He’s piping hot over something.

Guess he needed to blow off a little smoke.

I wonder what’s got him all steamed up.

Aww, it looks like someone set off a tiny nuclear bomb inside an anthropomorphic pipe. How cute.

This shirt represents all of us wooters that wanted a new monkey cape design this woot off.

I’d be mad too if someone put volcanic ash in my pipe instead of tobacco.

Y’know what makes this shirt for me? The tiny mustache.

Even tobacco pipes get five o’ clock shadows.

C’est une pipe, “Je suis très chaud!”

Just had to get this one, even though I quit smoking 13 years ago!

Adds new meaning to Bluetooth.

Here’s all I care about: Will this shirt make me as sophisticated as Sherlock Holmes?

I guess he got tired of people always violating his personal space and putting their mouths where it doesn’t belong.

Needs more mustache because now I have “Pencil Thin Mustache” as my
mental soundtrack with no beach in sight.

I’d have bought this design if it weren’t on gray…colors man (or woman), COLORS!

“What do you MEAN he chews Skoal now!?”

Know why he’s mad? Can’t find his pipe!

Quick! Someone call a plumber. This pipe has sprung a leak.

But the color matches the color of your lungs.