Fun Foot Flush: The Toilet Flushing Foot Pedal

My first thought was “wow, lazy at a whole new level”

Then I realized I would love to have this in public toilets - I use my foot to hit the flush anyways…

Yahoo. Now I don’t to touch the handle anymore!

This one is way better than the last one i bought off woot! This one is shaped like a bare foot!

In all seriousness this little thing holds a special place in my heart. It was the final item I bought in the first woot-off I followed front to back and got <5 hours of sleep on. <3 Almost want to buy 3 more for posterity

this is pretty shippy

Perfect for the lazy germaphobe in your life.

I have always wanted to make toilet flushing more fun than it is! I am in for 3.

Received one of these in our last Bag of Crap and was super excited. Alas, my first bathroom gadget was a major letdown.

The mechanism worked fine, but you had to hold down the pedal for a few seconds to get a complete flush, rather than just give it a quick tap. I didn’t think it was worth the time to finangle a way to make it work.

Pranks, anyone?

I got one of these in a BOC. I used it for about a week until I realized its easier and quicker to just keep using the handle

If only it also responded to voice command…

unbelievable! I can’t believe how many have sold so far! keep going

guess it’s over. This is a new low.

Shhhhh…that may be next.

I got one of these in a bag of crap a few months ago, but I still haven’t done anything with it. I was colossally disappointed when I offered it to a friend for the grand prize for her ugly sweater party contest, and she looked at me like I was nuts and said no. Poor unwanted foot flush :frowning:

Good white elephant gift?

I’ve actually got a legit question. I’m an athletic guy and played college ball so I’m def on the big linebacker type build, and I am wondering if my drunk ass would break the foot thing if I press down on it not as carefully as I normally would. I hate breaking stuff :frowning:

helladeal, in for 3!!! Merry Christmas germaphobic friends!!!

I just realized the ones I got last time were just the classic versions

Why should I settle for Easy Sanitation that’s boring when for 7 dollars I can make the upgrade to Easy Sanitation that’s Fun?

Yes it is inexpensive, and it is even practical. But I say No. No thank you,