Fun Kitchen Gadgets

I’m trying to find out more information on the Meglio pasta maker, but only find deals sites that carry them. Does anyone have a link to the manufacturer? I would like to know, please, if there are other blades/attachments that work with this unit to make other kinds of pasta, AND if it can be used for laminating dough.

From the vendor: They come with adjustable rollers that can be detached. Other cutters can be added to this machine and can also be used for laminating dough.

I have had one for many years…very nice machine to make your pasta…Heavey duty machine and very well chrome plated.

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Great to know … Thanks!

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How tall is the Meglio AEPR01 Pasta Rack?
[ecit] found this
Dimensions: 17-inches diameter x 18.8 inches high

surely i can’t be the only one who initially wondered why you wanted to seal your pasta dough between two sheets of plastic.

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Anyone know what the meat defroster is made from? It looks like it may be plastic? :&