FUN: You've been paid to do what!?!?!?!

I was hoping you’d check me on this! :slight_smile: Commas are such a tricky little punctuation and I’ve always tried to take great pride in using them correctly! hehe

I see that poof, but all the WEST coast people chimed in that it was RUDE! Some of them do hiring as part of their job and they THROW OUT those applicants. Odds are, being this far West, that the hiring committee will be primarily West coast people :wink:

We did try it, people around here didn’t like it.

I’m so dang tired I can barely see.

i’m not sure if it’s rude so much as it’s difficult to make it fit into the flow of the rest of the letter.

Let’s see I’ve been paid to go hiking, cut down trees, and play in the mud, even got paid to eat 9oz t-bone steaks on that job. – if I didn’t have kids, I would totally do it again (it also required 10-4 shifts, where the 10 days were spent camping), it was one of my favorite jobs and I lost a ton of weight, although after growing accustomed to eating 3 9oz t-bones in a sitting, the weight didn’t stay off. . . .

I just got a little litigation notice in the mail notifying me that I can’t tell you guys what I’ve been paid to do, because the company that sent the notice got in a little trouble for paying me to do what I did.

I told 'em it would happen!

I scaled and gutted mullet for a short time one summer. Did you know they are the only fish that possess a gizzard? Mmmmmm…fried mullet gizzard po-boys.

I got paid to camp in and hike around the LaBarge Creek basin in the Bridger Teton National forest, cook for 30+ biologists and try to get them to identify what data they were collecting.

Loved it, happily would do so again, but not full time. Say, once or twice a year for a week or two.

Also got paid to punch holes in grayling.

Ummm…worked as a horse groomer for several years…

And would really, really love to be paid to bake.

Worst job I received a paycheck for was as a juror on a capital murder case. It was brutal to sit through, sad for everyone involved and very depressing afterward.

I got paid to dig Russian star thistle out of sheep pastures, even doing it first thing in the am it got hot too fast! NEVER again!!!

Got paid to be a crime reporter. That was a hoot.

Didn’t get paid nearly enough, though.

In college I got paid to test the sound dampening ability of earplugs.