Funko POP 10 Piece Mystery Box

Funko POP 10 Piece Mystery Box

Ones I got last time still haven’t sold on ebay.


Are these full sized pops? $2.25 a piece for full sized ones is a pretty good deal. I don’t collect these but I’m intrigued by the price.


SHould be.

Here’s the one from last month. Same ones ?

I couldn’t resist the mystery!


I bought the ones last month and it was fun to open to see which ones we got. Surprisingly not disappointed. Giving it a go this time as well.

Worse case scenario is you just got 10 cheap birthday gifts for people you don’t particularly care about.



Pulling the Piglet Funko Pop first out of the box made it all worth it. I don’t know anything about fortnite but they look fun. Very non-disappointed.


The Mickey and Fun Bun are awesome!

Yes, fun bun made me laugh and I got the plane Mickey in my last box, very exciting to get a different one.

I got 7 of the same except no Piglet, Mickey, or Valor. Instead I received Patrick from SpongeBob, Taffeta from Wreck-it Ralph, and someone called Kait Diaz. My kids are thrilled, even though they have never played Fortnite.

Cool. I would’ve been pleased with a Patrick. My niece and nephews might be getting the fortnites. We’ll see.

These sets are fun! 2nd time purchasing and got several repeats from last time. And we did end up with a duplicate in this set of 10 (2 rafiki’s) which was kind of disappointing especially since it specifically says no duplicates in the description. Still a great way for my kiddos to expand their collection! We received, Rafiki (2), Piglet, Fun Bun, Ragnarok & Moonwalker from fortnite, ghost clown, bugsy wingnut, moltenman, crazy plane.