Funko Star Wars Bobble Heads – 6 Pack

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Funko Star Wars Bobble Heads - 6 Pack
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 6 Star Wars Bobble Heads

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New Funko Star Wars Bobble Heads - 6 Pack, for $29.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 6x Star Wars Bobble Heads

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Really cool, though I think my GF would not like this. How can I rationalize this purchase??

Unless woot has a million of these in stock, they’ll probably be sold out within the hour… i’m guessing. $5 each is a good deal. I found a few of the individual dolls for about $8 each via the comparison shopping sites, but no way you’ll find a set of 6 for this low a price.

Finally, something to decorate the dashboard of my car with!

Upon seeing this Woot, that sound you just heard was every dork who has never kissed a girl who still lives in his mom’s basement making his O-face.

Wow, there is a guy at my work that would kill for one of these… I think he’s got like 15 or so star wars bobble heads already on top of his cube.

i already have a yoda and the boba fett. i dont know what i’d do with 6 more.

No Han Solo? Laaaaaame.

I’m in for both sets, this would be awesome in my truck! Good on one side, bad on the other.

Would it be wrong if I bought these and gave one or two at a time to my husband on his birthday and christmas for the next couple of years?

I want three from one and three from the other :frowning:

These’d be perfect for the student forced to drive his mom’s old station wagon to school. Glue them to the dash or as a kicky hood ornament and cruise…

But there is a Darth Maul. One of those bobble heads is not like the others.

Lucas be damned, I’m in.
WooT !

Yah know… Leia looks a bit too much like Mel Brooks.

And the wrong parts of her are bobblin’, if you gets my drift.

I’m a star wars guy, so I am in for 2, one of each.

where is r2d2?

painfully brilliant.