Funko Star Wars Bobble Heads – 6 Pack

It’s missing a Jabba the Hutt bobble belly. Will not buy.

The nerdlings will be out in “force” to buy these…

With the looks of these initial items, this woot off is off to a pitiful start.

this is my first “woot off” anybody mind telling me how long the “off” goes on for?

I like you already.

leia looks like a dude.

These work great in Earthquakes.

crapola again

Leia looks like a dude

Now if they were Casablance bobbleheads, I’d have to think about it. Sure would like to have a Sydney Greenstreet bobblehead.

Let me know when they have a Dwight bobblehead.

As much as I love Star Wars, I can’t justify this.

till they run out of stuff.

When the warehouse runs out of stuff to sell.

about a day

hanging in there right now but looks like I will wait until morning to see what is happening. Besides bad storms here right now.

Because, luke , I am NOT your FATHER…