Funko Star Wars Bobble Heads – 6 Pack

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New Funko Star Wars Bobble Heads - 6 Pack, for $29.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 6x Star Wars Bobble Heads

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Funko Star Wars Bobble Heads – 6 Pack

* + $5 shipping

6 Star Wars Bobble Heads

chewbacca looks like Seal…

My local hastings is selling these for $15 each.

Princess laya kinda looks like a guy…

Yes, but are they all Star Wars fans?

No Luke or Yoda? Is a second set in the works?

Amazon has these for about $12 each. Good buy.

These hold down paper SOOOO well! You should buy them!

Mommy? What was Star Wars about?

Ok, how do you tell between Jango Fett and Boba Fett bobbleheads?

Besides the detachable head on Jango? :wink:

Why are Skywaker & Vader not included??? Not fair!

Darth Maul is a poor substitute for Darth Vader.

It’s missing a Jabba the Hutt bobble belly. Will not buy.

The nerdlings will be out in “force” to buy these…

With the looks of these initial items, this woot off is off to a pitiful start.

this is my first “woot off” anybody mind telling me how long the “off” goes on for?

I like you already.

leia looks like a dude.