Funko Toucan Sam Ad Icon Pop

Funko Toucan Sam Ad Icon Pop

His eyes are staring into my soul!

In for one!! Wish I could have gotten the HAT earlier to go along with the SHIRT that I got. What was very surprised to see this come up and be able to get one.

Please ship with care and if possible use a HAT as some of the packing material please {wink}

Dang needed this one for the collection

I am sad…

Was in a meeting when this popped up.

Hopefully another of my grails shows up. Who would have thunk Pops would be on woot. Two of my fave things.

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I came home to an absolutely smashed package on the porch and I wasn’t sure what it was and I had this gut feeling it was this pop that I was so excited to get. My daughter opened it up and as she opens it up she goes dad it’s the metallic one. I was like OMG! Are you serious?. And she’s like yes and I was like is it damaged and she says not really just a little bit on the top. All I got to say is miracles do happen not only did it survive but I was thinking I was getting the regular also hard to find Toucan Sam, but instead indeed received this amazing piece of pop culture!!

Thank you so much I’ll even forgive you for not using a HAT as packing material as I so selfishly requested.


Wow. Such an awesome score, and amazing the Pop’s box was in such good condition for what the shipping box looked like. That is crazy!!!

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Also, very ironic how you requested… and someone seems to have been not listening. lol

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Yes, it was quite ironic!! But still super excited over that deal :grin: