Funko Toucan Sam Ad Icon Pop

Funko Toucan Sam Ad Icon Pop

Loving the app today!

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Am I crazy or do these sell for a ton on ebay?

They totally do. It was a limited release that got vaulted. Super rare

I am one sad wooter today… more like upset with tech and myself.

I collect the Ad Icons and real people Funko Pops, almost exclusively.

I saw it come up on Twitter, and had just logged into the app a few minutes before. Instead of going to the app when I clicked the link, it went to twitters browser.

Got it in the cart, then multiple Amazon OTPs later all saying invalid I switched to the app in less than a couple minutes.

Sold out, obviously.

Why did Amazon want to deny me a Sam? Ihave been a good “essential worker.”

I feel the same way, I collect these and missed the last one too stupid costco run cost me today

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The good news is this is the second woot off its been in in the last four months so I’m going to be vigilant next woot off and hope there is more in the stash


I was thinking the same… that there is maybe, possibly, a few more they find, and put it up again.

Crossing fingers.

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At the end of the day they will put up the leftovers from when people canceled their orders. Could be worth checking right at 10pm CT.

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Sometimes we do that. Like a couple times a year. This is not one of those times. This is a snooze, you lose day.

Noway is anyone going to cancel a Toucan Sam Funko Pop…

I definitely wasn’t snoozing though. The Amazon overlords were being mean to me… :frowning:

Ah, ok so the BoC sold today will get the leftovers then.

Still haven’t slept, but so far worth it.

LOL. No leftovers for ol’ Sam. He done sold out.


I’m shocked. My toucan Sam showed up today!!! But why oh why did you guys ship them in unpadded bags? Box is crushed :frowning: I’m happy I got it, but I would have taken slower shipping and a cardboard box instead.
Another postive… this is the Metallica version!!!

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Welcome to 290.00!

Do you live next door to woot?! That’s insane fast. Hope everyone gets a metallic one. Sorry to hear box is slush but metallic kind of makes up for it

Nope, I live in Northern Virginia. But I did notice the package came out of Maryland.

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I got mine today as well - also the metallic one! It was shipped in a box, but there is a sale type sticker on the bottom that I wish wasn’t there. Overall, I’m super happy I didn’t hesitate on buying!

I also received the metallic LE 1000 version, which was an incredible surprise! I was expecting the normal version (which I also would have been happy with, don’t get me wrong). It was shipped in a box much too big for it and only had two bagged air to protect it. Came a little smooshed which is unfortunate. But for the price, can put it in a hard stack and live with it!

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