funny ebay link


some one is selling sound clips that are kinda funny to boost seller ratings lol


so how many have you sold?


Ok, this may be a KT sort of observation, but do you know the two of you joined the same day. :tongue:

Pavlov…you gots some splanin’ to do!


in all honesty I dont know him lol seriously


lol really? lmao, msas.
I find that htb. I think ur a spmr.


What did happen to that report button?


Actually, I thought the clips were pretty funny especially the corn one and the dimm slot one and the shoes one…

I know. I am simple and easily amused.


I want to kind of buy one.


“kind of buy one”??

is that like, steal one ??


I wonder if I can get him to say custom stuff…like…

“Jason, where are my monkeys?”


“Robert Smith is God.”


“Josephus is a tattle-tale.”


“Dude, where’s my diet coke?”


You forgot to mention Clorox.


Since when?


are you a sand person?


What is a sand person?


yep, they are easily amused, or is it frightened?