More like HACK!douken

I like it. Good solid stance + rated a chuckle.

I can just hear the finishing cry, “Catality!”

This is the only place you’ll ever find a mash-up of Street Fighter and cat hoark.

Fur from my paws!


Hey, Zach Terrell, tell Brave Combo to stop avoiding my state with their gigs.

Anyone else reminded of the Cheetah Men from Action 52?

So Bad!

Oh man, they really do need to spread out the tour zone. Sometimes i see them without even meaning to.

And thanks so much woot!! I’m so happy to have finally gotten a print here. I hope you like it guys :slight_smile:

Oh look. Another cat. Go figure.

I love cats, but this is seriously getting ridiculous.

cats are the new birds; they ate the old ones.

It’s only $12.00.

Come on… cough it up!

Aw yeah! Love it - congrats, Zach!

We’ve done that already here…

And it was awesome.

Uhm, I love cats, and I love Street Fighter, but I just about hurled… Hilarious though.

Oh, nice!! It’s about time this website came out with a cat t-shirt. The question is what took so long?

It be funnier if his mouth was open,too. I mean, that is were the furball originates, right?

Aw man you stole my joke. I should have woken up earlier (especially considering the date)!

And thanks for deleting my comment saying that I would not be buying any more shirts because of all the cats…