Furhaven Cat Tree Clubhouse Playground

Yeah, that’s what got me. Picture/product mismatch is an honest mistake, which woot quickly corrected.

The manufacturer photoshopping the cats to be smaller in order to make the product look larger is intentional.

Although I suppose it’s possible that some of the cats are kittens and the others are just very small cats. Maybe.

A few weeks ago a co-worker of mine got his first cat. He went out and bought a huge cat tree/gym. His first words to me. “I spent $150 on the cat tree and the cat is still sitting in the box it came in”


My tip is always the same. Spray or sprinkle catnip on it. They’ll stick to it like glue.

Bummer!!! My cat killed the bottom cardboard step on day 2. (Her 24 lbs of fatness jumped down from the top.)

Bait and switch. When ordered, Woot was displaying pictures of the “stairs” product. My cat is unlikely to use this one based upon experience.

I love this cat tree but my cat prefers to scratch the bottom tubes. The three small ones fit inside the cubby hole and the rest, and sisal ones are the same size. I just took it apart, put one of the sisal ones on the bottom and he’s happy now. I’ve only had it a week and he started to make a hole in the blue tube that was on the bottom. Just a helpful hint if your cat prefers the bottom one to scratch. He’s almost 14 pounds, Maine Coon mix so it’s odd that my big guy prefers the bottom tube but I live to make him happy and now he is!

Hi there. It was an error in the sale, not bait-n-switch. You can see my post above. We also emailed ALL customers that purchased before we corrected the sale.

Check your spam/junk folders for the email.

Regardless, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance. They’ll help you out.