Furhaven Cat Tree Clubhouse Playground

I have this cat tree. Unfortunately it wasn’t particularly stable on the top perch. Other than that it was nice.

Mortimer and Monte, maybe you can help, Well I have no idea where my Cat’s clubhouse went. My cat is very sad that her clubhouse isn’t here yet. Customer service was nice and gave us some credit to use. But Beta “the kittie” is being VERY VOCAL on not getting her clubhouse. Her main complaint is that she can’t have club meetings without a clubhouse. I’m praying her clubhouse gets here soon as I “Mumsie” and Rocky “the doggie” and Ben “the big doggie” do not want to host anymore kittie club meetings. The “Catnip Club” gets loud and wild and lasts to all hours…or until the catnip runs out. We…Mumsie, Rocky and Ben…are praying the Clubhouse gets here VERY soon. So my thoughts are that Mortimer and Monte should host the “Catnip Club” meetings until the clubhouse arrives…

Hi there. I checked with CS and it seems like it was returned to us. We’ll check with the vendor to see if they can resend.

Sorry about the shipping snafu.

If it can be resent can I pay for faster shipping?

That would be a question for CS. :slight_smile:

Well I ended up with a refund.At least that was fast unlike the shipping. The shipping on this site is atrocious. Ordered another item and that’s lost too. Will not recommend this site to ANYONE!