FurHaven Deluxe Orthopedic Pet Bed

My 15 year old dog loves hers. She has arthritis and doesn’t get around very well but always makes her way to her ortho bed to relax. She has a similar one from a local pet mart but this one seems to be holding shape better. We vacuum it every week with our chores and it still looks new.

My dog would have all the stuffing pulled out of this in 10 minutes.

I bought two of these last time. I hate to cut down this product because FurHaven was super nice to me when I had a problem. But they’re not very durable; my dog tore a hole in hers after only a couple of weeks.

They come compression-packed, and you’re supposed to unpack them as soon as you get them. I’m guessing Woot must have stored them compressed for a while, because one of the two never fully uncompressed. FurHaven was really nice about it and sent out a replacement right away. So it’s a good company, but I just wish the product itself were tougher.

is Chocolate(drop down) the same as espresso(picture)?

Yes, they’re the same. Sorry for the confusion. We’ve updated the photo caption.

I picked one up for my 1-year-old basset hound and Walter loves it! I got the large and it fits perfectly into the bottom of his crate. He has had a couple accidents on it and the foam washes right up and the covering goes in the washer. I have thought about picking up another one because it will eventually wear out, but the comment above about the evils of keeping it compressed worries me.