FurHaven Elevated Reinforced Cot

I had two of these. They are low quality, with flimsy frames and the netting frayed and tore apart quickly on both of them. I had large ones and they were used by a German Shepherd dog.

Thanks…just saved me money on making a poor choice !

That’s incredibly disappointing. I was hoping that these would be of similar durability to the Coolaroo cot since it’s a similar design. My friend has one for her Leonberger and it has held up beautifully. I’ll probably pass on this for the Rottweiler if it didn’t stand up to German Shepherds. The Amazon Basics cot (same design) seems to have better reviews at a better cost than the Coolaroo. I’m curious if the fabric/material is any different or the stitching on the edge is done differently to make it better to stand up to large-breed lounging?

Very sorry you’re unhappy. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.