Furhaven Furniture Protectors-Choose Size/Color

Do not work with large active dogs. Tuck tabs only on love seat. Missing from chair and sofa. Not happy with this woot.

Doesn’t work with small dogs either
Back isn’t long enough to go far enough down to hold it place. It slides all over. I even tried to Velcro it to the couch. No go. Looks like a hot mess.
Very unhappy with this.

This thing is junk. Way too small for anything but the smallest of chairs. I bought one for my La-Z-Boy and it doesn’t come anywhere near fitting, much less staying in place. Do not buy!

This is a piece of trash. Waste of money and waste of space in my trash can. The fabric feels terrible on your skin and the dogs pull it off the second they jump on the couch. Let your clients know not to buy this

Hi Woot,
I wasn’t crazy about this cover either. While it does protect your couch, it doesn’t stay on very well, and on top of that, the dog hair really sticks to this material, so its hard to clean off.

Yep, didn’t really fit any furniture in my house.

As mentioned, it doesn’t fit the couches well. I tuck the flaps under the cushion instead of draping it over the couch back and arms, and it works better.

Junk!!! Does not fit standard sofo…shame on you WOOT!!!

New to Woot. I did not see the “Discussion” (which should have been named “reviews”)when I ordered 2 of these covers. I am not looking forward to receiving them. Now that I look at the return policy, I am really disappointed.If these covers turn out to be crappy, I will not be buying from Woot again.

You can always refuse the delivery…

All these great reviews…I’m ordering 10!

They came when I was at work. Anyway Woot’s policy is no returns unless damaged or defective. They are not damaged, they are just a piece of flimsy material on a plastic like backing.

Very disappointed with tis product. The love seat cover fits, but the sofa cover is the same length as the love seat cover only some extra material to go over the back of the couch. I emailed woot to tell them they must have sent me 2 love seat covers and asked them to replace one with a sofa cover and they stated they could not replace it. They did give me a refund, but this product is crap. Looking at the listing again, the sofa covers are not out of stalk. I figure woot knows it is crap and the sofa covers are not fitting a standard size sofa. The pictures and the specs are misleading and the material of this product is flimsy and you can see through the stitching. Shame on Woot.

Thanks so much for your reviews! I will not be ordering these!

Wish I had read the reviews! Back won’t stay on, falls down when u get up. It’s also very hot to sit on. So sorry I bought 2 of them!

Completely agree with these comments. These things are thin, flimsy garbage. Waste of money. Please don’t buy them. I should have read reviews.

Thanks so much for your honest reviews. I had one in my cart but will quickly remove it.

Bummer. I didn’t see these comments and have some being delivered tomorrow

Not very moisture “resistant”. Dog peed right through it. Washed well, but couch still reeks.