Furhaven Furniture Protectors

They need to be better, because the last one I got from you was a waste of money.

This product does not come with instructions. I have no idea how to install it.

Really? Do you also need instructions on how to put a blanket on a bed?

Question about the dimensions:

When it says 117" does that include the wing flaps? How long are they? Because I think my sofa could actually use the loveseat one…depending on how long the main section is and how long the wings are.


Just got my loveseat and sofa cushions but there are NO INSTRUCTIONS on how to use the cushion anchors!!!

I am NOT a happy shopper…can anyone explain how to attach those funky looking anchors and plastic bands???

That was RUDE.

The last two photos in the photo gallery show how to connect them.

The 117" for the sofa cover includes the arm covers/wings. The seat portion of that is about 60"