Furhaven Furniture Protectors

I bought the sofa and loveseat sizes and found they don’t work too well with recliners. The elastic holding the back on keeps detaching so the back is always sliding down. Also, there are no directions on how to anchor them so you need spend a few minutes figuring it out. They look nice and will do a good job of protecting the furniture from the animals but I wouldn’t recommend if you have recliners.

Do the measurements (sofa 117") include the arm protectors or just the actual seat coverage? If it includes the arms protectors, what is the measurement of the actual sofa seat protection? Thanks.

I agree, are these the “full dimensions”?
I have a couch that’s of average length and its only 68" across in the seating area. I’m guessing I need a Love Seat Cover??? Please help!!!

I purchased the couch and love seat version of these things awhile back. Couldn’t be happier. Mine have no fasteners and are just “drape over” versions.

Given my dumba$$ dog, I’m in for an additional set, stoopid pooch.

(If you have a dog which can’t distinguish between a hydrant/tree and a sofa/divan, do yourself a favor and order this)

We have both sizes ( we used to have a love seat, but now it’s a small/full sleeper sofa). I’m guessing that the size listed is with the arm “wings”. Bigger is better as you can tuck in the excess. We still use the love seat one when the big one is in the wash, but it doesn’t quite cover the seats.

I just got mine and I love it. It fits my sofa very nice and stays in place well without the fasteners, but I only have a small cat so that might be the reason.

The Furhaven Furniture Protectors are meant to protect the sofa from paws, claws, spills and messes. So, cats, dogs or other pets are no more a harm for it.
Can anyone tell me whether the seat is fixed with spring foams or not?

What Woot fails to show is the ugly white strap that holds the top section up.

Does the ugly white strap show from the front of the couch? My couch is against the wall so if it only shows on the back I’m okay :+1:

in the pictures of the products the last picture shows all dimensions.

I bought these last time but can’t figure out how to attach the elastic bands. Could Furhaven provide instructions?

This is the email from the vendor: “Here’s an image that I have, link below, showing the installation of the elastic band.


There are two “hooks” stitched into the fabric on either end of the protector, and the elastic band simply attaches to one side, wraps around the back of the furniture and attaches to the other side.”

At the last three pictures is a diagram of each size, including detailed measurements.