Furhaven Furniture Protectors

I have these in red and they’ve been a godsend with my fur baby. The only gripe I have is you constantly need to fix them from slipping off furniture. This can be limited, however, by tucking the back part of the cover UNDER your back cushions (couches and loveseats) to keep them in place better. Plus I think they look better tucked like that as well.

I tried using this for myself, but the arms never stay cover and the back slips down all the time.
these might only work for tiny people and tiny animals

Ignore my earlier question. I see that the espresso ones are beige on one side and espresso on the other.

just wondering if that measurement is for the length of the sofa/loveseat WITHOUT the arm rests?

Hi there. We’ve added a diagram at the VERY END of the photo gallery that should help.

just wondering if that measurement is for the length of the sofa/loveseat WITHOUT the arm rests?

I’ve got the Surefit covers and they do the same thing. They all have to be adjusted about once a day.

Well, I don’t have really much positive to say about these items. My main complaint was that they are very small, they did not adequately cover my furniture at all. I bought 6 of them to protect my home theater leather reclining seats, and they didn’t even reach to the end of the seats. I ended up using them JUST for the seats and left the backs clear. Also, they are not very well made. After only two washings, one of the zippers broke and it was impossible for me to get it reattached. I would have returned them, but unfortunately the return date had passed. Buyer beware.

I love the picture with the dog’s paws on the sofa and the lady’s rear on the pad…huh?

Clip that holds the back in place broke immediately upon first stretch. Now the back slips down constantly. Needs a different system. Also too small for what I consider a pretty standard size sofa. Good build quality and good looks otherwise.

Did they Photoshop that dog in the pictures? You don’t have to look too close to see the dog is in the exact same pose in all of the photos…

I bought this because in the picture the fabric looks shinning so thought when they said water resistant that dog hair would easily slip/come off but NOT true! It sticks and I would never buy it again.