Furhaven Orthopedic Pet Bed with Seat Belt Clip

Where is this bed made and its component materials sourced?

Doesn’t “Orthopedic” mean for the feet?

I don’t think those dogs are using it correctly.

Is the Jumbo really only 20" wide? The large is 24".

relating to the branch of medicine dealing with the correction of deformities of bones or muscles.

Nope. “Orthopedic” related to skeleton. “Podia…” relates to feet. =)

Is the Jumbo really 4" narrower than the Large or should that read 30"?

Deeper more restorative sleep. Really. For my cats? How about something that will restore the chair that they scratch, or the carpet where they vomit?

Jumbo - 30" x 45" x 6" (foam is 2.5" in center and 6" on edges)

From the FurHaven website.


“Pet Bed with Seat Belt Clip” - Are dogs really falling out of beds, and need to be buckled in?

Orthopedic means relating to the branch of medicine dealing with the correction of deformities of bones or muscles.

I bought a couple of these last time around. While they’re pretty nice, if a little weird looking, my dogs do not like them at all. I don’t know if they have an offensive smell to them or what, but they generally avoid them. My cats are fans, however.

My dogs destroy, within 48 hours, any bed I buy them in splendid feats of strength and tug o’ war. HOWEVER, if it is absolutely confirmed the jumbo is 30 wide I may try at least one for the faintest hope of keeping them from sleeping on my bed with me.

It’s an epidemic.

We updated the measurements of the Jumbo size, and it is now correct. Sorry for the confusion!

It’s for those who wish to use this in their vehicles, as in some states, it can be unlawful to transport pets unrestrained.

Per the vendor: The bed cover is cut and sewn in China.

The foam is produced in the USA and the bed assembled in the USA.

I bought one of these for my dog, too, and he mostly refuses to even acknowledge it. However, he pretty much ignored his previous bed, too. We recently installed new wood floors in our home, and he prefers to sleep there. Go figure.

I’m confused by the pictures. There’s an attachment to strap your animal to the safety belt. OK. There’s a picture of it. OK. There’s a picture of a dog buckled to a safety belt in a carseat… [edit: I guess that does look like your strap, after all] with no Furhaven Orthopedic Pet Bed in sight.

So… you’re suggesting we buy this bed and strap, so that we can use just the strap (with no bed) for our pets in the car?

Radical idea: how about I strap my dog to the seat belt WITHOUT buying a pet bed, then?

I’m confused by the whole idea of buying a pet bed -and- belt clip in the same package.
Also not sure how effective that belt clip is going to be. I’m imagining my dog getting his neck broken as he is launched, backwards, through the windshield. I s’pose it’s a pet euthanasia thing - planning a head.