FurHaven Pet LED Collar

FurHaven Pet LED Collar

Is the collar rechargeable?

Hi there. It uses CR2032 batteries (included). We’ve added that to the features.

Just an FYI on these- they’re advertised with ‘regular’ sizes, but despite ordering the same size as my other dog collars when they arrived they are WAY too big.

They can’t be sized down as well as a regular collar due to the LED, so you end up with only a few inches to give/take away.

I’m hoping the smaller sizes work better.

ETA: It also came with back-up batteries, which was very nice of them. :slight_smile:

The small size came with a white buckle over the battery area, but both it and the large I got to replace the xl and medium sizes I got are about the same size as the medium and xl.

Disappointed as these can’t be daily collars for them since they’re rather loose, but they’re very vibrant at night so that’s a plus.