Furhaven Plush Sofa Pet Beds-Your Choice

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I think this is worthy of a caption contest.

I’m hoping these would be suitable for large cats.

zomg same!

I got a jumbo last go round and they are bloodhound approved.

Got a really fat dog+wood floors (right now she’ll lay on a coat laying on the floor)…think she’s telling me to buy her one?

So if the mattress is 20" and the bolster is 20" does that mean the sitting length is about 16" within the bolster? I have Havanese that is about 18 pounds and I’d like to get the small but hope it isn’t too small.

Anyone that has one - how washable are they?? I have giant slobbering beasts

Yep, the measurement is the outer dimensions. Bought a couple when they were last on sale. It took awhile for my dog to get used to it (Shibas are very suspicious of change), but now he loves the beds. One in the basement, one in the main floor…considering one for the bedroom, but there’s a heating pad on that bed currently, and I don’t think foam works well with heating pads.

What size did you get? My dog is probably just a little smaller than yours.

I bought one of these a few weeks ago, and I am buying another today since they are really nice. I washed the cover on a gentle-spin cycle and dried it on a very low-heat setting. I am very pleased at how well it held up. The orthopedic pad, however, is not washable.

I see that Groupon has an almost identical set of beds (quilted cover rather than plush, identical list prices) for a buck less each but I don’t know what the shipping cost is.
The reviews look pretty positive.

We’ve got 2. The cover comes off completely and can be washed, but I’d be reluctant to run the padding for fear it wouldn’t hold shape properly.

I’ve been looking for a replacement bed for my German Shepherd, The current bed is a Sams Club cheapo, but it was the biggest I could find. Anyone think the jumbo would be big enough for him? Approx 100lbs.

I’m coming close to making my own out of egg carton if I can’t find anything large and with enough support… :confused:


Apparently now open to small dogs only (or cats…)! Larger sizes all gone

Depends on the color I think! I just ordered a jumpo expresso

I can’t decide if I want the woot ones or the Groupon ones. The Groupon ones would technically be cheaper if got 2 but I think the woot ones might be nicer… Hm

Got 2 last time around, they were not quite as thick/sturdy as some of the standard Costco ones we’ve got in the past, but still good for the price. They come shipped in a compressed package like other memory foam products. Dogs like them and I’m happy with the purchase.

not good for anything.they sink to the floor !!!