Furinno: Affordable Home Furnishings

This Furinno 11156EX/BR Entertainment Center w/2 Bin Drawers, really looks good. The openings are the right size for a cable box and dvd in one with a receiver in the other. And it looks pretty cool. Can there be a drawback? In my cart for now, most likely in my room next week!

I’ve been waiting for this to come back so I could comment! I bought the entertainment center with 2 drawers last time around. It was the only Woot purchase to date that I regret making, and boy do I regret it!

It took forever to get here. Like close to 4 weeks.

This is the cheapest, shoddiest furniture imaginable. It arrived scratched. The “covering” over the particle board to make it look like real wood didn’t line up at the edges. I received the wrong hardware pack. Customer service was great about getting me replacement pieces, but they were still wrong. After 4 weeks of waiting to get this and another week waiting to be able to put it together, I just gave up and went to the hardware store.

There are no predrilled holes where you’re supposed to attach the feet – you’re just supposed to push them in really hard with a screwdriver and eyeball the location.

The bins are a joke. They’re made out of the same sort of material as my cats’ collapsible play tunnel. Very thin and flimsy. Great for storing anything that weighs less than 2-3 pounds though.

Furinno was a learning experience for me. Specifically I learned that it’s possible to make crappier furniture than what they sell in Walmart.

Keep in mind…the “coffee tables” are only about 15" tall. A ruler plus a few inches. Seems pretty tiny to me. Just my two cents. :slight_smile:

Well this burst my bubble! I didn’t see it in time or I may have held off getting one. Sounds like a nightmare. Thanks for the info. I just hope my experience isn’t quite as bad.

Thanks for the warning, was gonna grab 2 of the shelf units. Not now.

I got mine today. At least that part went smoothly! I really don’t have to room ready for it so I won’t be assembling it right away. Keeping my hopes high it is complete and not damaged.