Furinno Laptop Desks

this is obviously not wide enough to fit on either side of my hips as shown in the pic. I resent that on neither web site does it give the width!

Scroll down on the pictures. It’s 22.1" wide.

I have two of these exact same models, sold by Amazon under a different brand for $60-$70.

Lots of different settings depending on your position and desired angle. Post surgery, I use this in bed at 180/60/180 degrees and can comfortably work for hours. Wish it was a little bit wider, but my 15" wide-screen laptop and phone (for teleconferences) fits just fine. Also, if it was any wider, it would stop being useful on sofas.

The second one I use in a zero-gravity chair at my office - with different settings. There I also need pads under my shoulders to prevent arm strain for prolonged use.

They’ve held up well, with lots of use over the past 2 years. Still stable. Folds completely flat and fits in your carry-on. I wish I didn’t need them that much…

The inside dimension between supports is 18 1/4". In its lowest position, for work laying down, it’s about 9" off the surface of the bed/sofa.

Completely folded up, it’s 22"x11.5"x1.5".

I can’t make out what the difference is between what looks to be 3 models here. 2 have fans, but are they all for the same purpose?

what? how old is this product? have they not taken a picture of it in 4 years? or why they gotta use a 5 year old mac in their picture? losers!

ok I don’t see what makes this cost $40 before shipping…

however, it doesn’t look like it would be stable on a bed. does it tip over or wobble at all? are you even able to use a mouse on it with the laptop already on it?

I don’t know… I’ve tried tons of diff types of laptop tray tables for my bed and haven’t had a lot of luck regardless of material or anything…

The way they show this is not the most stable. The settings are 180, 60, and 180 degrees. In other words, the first two legs are collinear spanning your legs, and then the last leg goes up at a 60 degree angle with the tray coplanar with those. Now that’s for a just head propped up position. It’s plenty stable like this. No room for a mouse really - well, and it’s pretty much impossible to use a mouse on an angled platform anyway. I’ve had limited success with a trackball.

Anybody tried this with an add-on mouse pad?

Would have liked to have Wooted the Silver version which was sold out when I first saw these this AM. Thought about it more today, came back to get a Black one - and they are all Sold Out, only Pink ones are left. Anyone who would like to purchase one of these non-Pink, I found them online at Wayfair.com, almost $1.25 cheaper than the Woot price w/$5 shipping by using their the ‘Save20Now!’ code they have & free shipping.

Hi Capnk!
Thank you for your post. I am in exactly the same boat you found yourself in, missing the silver and black. I was so glad to see your post and went immediately to Wayfair to purchase. The coupon code wouldn’t work for me, though. Maybe it expired today? I tried ‘Save20Now’ with and without the ‘!’. Would you mind telling me where you found the code so I can search for another?

I’ve been looking to get something similiar and pretty costly. I was on vacation while this sale was going on and I’m pissed I missed it! I hope to see this soon and more of their products!

This ain’t gonna accommodate my fat gut. NEXT!

Hi oneproud -

I saw it on their website, it was on the product description page. It says:

20% OFF with Code: Save20Now!

I used the same punctuation and also the bang (exclamation point symbol), putting it in sometime during the checkout process.

Good luck! :slight_smile: