FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs - Your Choice

Oh my!!! We love ours, and so does our dog. Lovely is a retriever mix, and has that characteristic heavy undercoat. This helps keep it under control and keeps her shedding to a minimum when we use it regularly. It helps keep her cooler in the summer and she will come for her brushing if we miss too many days.
I love the push button bar that clears the hair from the comb. We’ve tried numerous other grooming tools and this has, by far, worked the best.

Where’s the model for those of us with cats, woot?

My cat LOVES her FURminator! All of my friends who see it in action want one!

We have one of the large, older style models and its great. So I’m guessing this one with the shaped handle and thumb rest will be equally as nice. Oh and we use the large size on our cats and they love it.

It’s not actually a thumb rest – it’s a spring-loaded slider that pushes accumulated fur off the blades for easy removal!

Currently available via Amazon (free one-day shipping with Prime) for $24.39 (medium size, long hair) / $27.49 (large size, long hair).

I was just going to post the same. Not so woot after all.

Seriously you need to get this.

I used to have two huskies and this works wonders!
Unless you’re using it on your cat or cat sized dog, I would take the pet outside before using this though. It gets that much hair/undercoat.

Usually like $50-$60. I’d buy this if I didnt already have one.

4.9/5 stars. -0.1 because of all the hair that I have to clean up afterwards (or let blow away with the wind)