Furniture Slipcovers & Protectors

Why are the specs identical for the “Sofa Box Stretch Fit Slipcover” and the “Love Box Stretch Fit Slipcover”?

Is this waterproof?

We’re checking with the vendor on both questions.

• Dimensions are fixed on the Box covers.
• Didn’t hear back on waterproof but I assume you’re asking about the protectors. I remember this being asked during the last sale and they are not waterproof.

While you’re checking, can you find out why this is labeled a love seat cover when the sample is a chair?

Asking. :slight_smile:

Also, please find out how many pieces each set comes in so we have a better idea of how is goes on and whether it will fit the SHAPE of our individual furniture pieces.

I won’t be able to find out in time as the sale ends in less than an hour. I’m sorry.