Fusebox Wine Blending Kit - The Winemakers Edition

Fusebox Wine Blending Kit - The Winemakers Edition
$39.99 + $5 shipping
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1 Fusebox Wine Blending Kit The Winemakers Edition

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1 bottle of PS
1/3 bottle of mourvedre
1/6 bottle of zin

3.5 bottles to foist upon your weak palated friends.

In for 3. This is awesome, especially at this price.

Might be more interested if this was their Napa Cabernet kit. There’s another amazing offer elsewhere on the web I might have to visit instead…

Also, welcome back PAMELA!!!

Thanks SO much for listening to my incessant nagging and including er… me… :slight_smile: in this Rhone box.

You rock.

i know you will hate me for this, but…
will it b****lend?

This goes for $80 + shipping (edit: the Cabernet version) on their website. I think you have to register in order to get to the part of the checkout process to view shipping costs, but I imagine it is more than the $5 shipping Woot offers. So it seems like this is 50% off, which is a great deal if it is a quality product (and I’ve never known Woot to push poor quality products on us). I remember seeing this on Woot a while ago (if it is the same product) but I don’t remember the reviews it got, so maybe someone can fill me in. It looks really interesting however I’d definitely like to hear from some past buyers as to what they thought of the product. One thing I am a bit concerned about is how long the bottles will stay fresh once opened, but if you’re conservative with your blending you can probably just open two at a time, maybe overlap one towards the end of the open ones’ shelf life to make more complex blends without having to open everything at once. Also their website seems to sell custom blends which I didn’t know, but that looks like it could be great to experiment with if they don’t charge too much for something them.

EDIT: Seems like you have to buy an entire case of a custom blend if you want one made. Seems like something interesting for someone very well-versed in wine, definitely much more than the casual enthusiast like myself. I can definitely understand why they sell it by the case, but it would definitely be nice if you could order a custom bottle or something. It’s probably just too cost prohibitive for them to offer that though.

Hi folks, sorry I’m late - was on the phone with my mom. What a nice warm welcome, thank you!

The product on their website is the CABERNET blending kit. This is different.

The product on their website is the CABERNET blending kit. This is different.

great mother’s day gift… if mom wasn’t on so many medications :frowning:

I didn’t see that, thanks. I can’t imagine the price would be too different between the kits though, since they do come with the same amount of bottles and same tools. They don’t offer it though, at least not right now, which makes this deal even more enticing (since it can’t be had anywhere else). Still, I’m curious if anyone remembers which one was offered last time on Woot and how it was.

Hi folks - let me clarify - the product that is on the Crushpad website for $79.99 is the Napa Cab Fusebox - the previous version of which was a prior woot.

This version is red rhone wines - and info can be found here: http://thewinemakers.tv/
(turn your sound off - there’s an annoying video with sound when you get there).

This version of the fusebox was made in conjunction with THE WINEMAKERS reality show that aired on PBS this year - retails for $69.

Ask me anything - I am, for one final time, your Fusebox Ninja :slight_smile:

How about a California heritage blend? Me, Zin, Charbono, Carignan, and Cab?

I love this idea for my brother-in-law, but I am in Massachusetts. He’s in Connecticut, but would prefer to save it for a holiday like Christmas. Ugh.

And 2007 was a terrible year anyhow…wasn’t it?


Negatory, 2007 was a great year for Napa

I WANT that cat!

Forgive my ignorance, but are these drinkable on their own and if not, why? Are they too bland without blending? Too harsh? Too…something else? Just trying to ascertain how much experiment/great drinking product ratio there will be.

Hi Berrynoir, great questions - not ignorant at all.

Each of these wines are fairly good on their own - but drunk alone they are kinda one-dimensional. It’s really interesting and really fun to see how a little bit of this and a little bit of that really enhance and round out the wine.

all is fun to blend, and all is fun to drink :wink: