Fusebox Wine Blending Kit - The Winemakers Edition

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Fusebox Wine Blending Kit - The Winemakers Edition - $39.99 + $7.00 shipping shipping

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Now if Wellington sold a blending kit like the one we had on the rpm tour…

Anyone actually tried this out?

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I find blending kits are a great idea! If I hadn’t tried all the varietals and done a Wellignton blending on tour, I’d be up for this. Indeed I might still.

It’s great to taste the different components, like PV or CF which you might not normally get to try on its own! Helps you understand the blended wines much better!

There are 16 of these being sold.

I gave the blending kit to my daughter and her husband. They loved it. They had a fun evening with friends and ended up with a blend that they thought was terrific. Might go for another round.

Here is a discussion of the value of the Fusebox on Chowhound:

Oops - I held up for a minute to give someone else a chance.

This one’s selling pretty quickly.

The first time they sold this it took like 2 months for them to send it out. I got two of them but never used them. I was disinterested by the time it arrived. It’s still sitting in my kitchen.

Looks like its about half price of the kit available at the crushpad site.

Looks like its about half price of the kit available at the crushpad site.

I just ordered a case of a blend from these, so hopefully it won’t suck!

lol yes often i’ll just go (nah, someone else have a go, I’d rather make a silly or witty (-ish) comment :smiley:

I edited my orig post now to make the board more interesting.

We purchased two of these kits last time round and just ‘played’ with one recently. A good time was had by all. Also, the Winner’s Wine was quite good. Google couldn’t answer us the riddle of the varietal percentages unfortunately.

Some suggestions:

I would limit your number of ‘players’ to 4 to make the math easy when blending and pouring.

Open the wines a few hours early to let them breathe. Better yet, decant them. Most have young wine off-flavors that die down with a little air time.

The pipets are not plugged as you might think at first. There is a filter on the mouth end that slows the drawing of liquid up the tube. Luckily we had a chemist in the group to train us on the proper technique. :slight_smile:

Your tastes may vary, but the conclusion of the group was that the grenache in this kit is sub-par. Two of the ‘example’ wine blend recipes used mostly grenache, so finding some more recipes online might be a good idea.

Make sure you have 5 glasses per person clean.