Fusion's So Bright

Yeah? Well, I wear my sunglasses at night. Beat that!

ha! Taking a break from Twitter and all the fun news so really needed to laugh at a cheerful punny shirt. Bonus: it’s night and there are sunglasses. And science, perhaps blindingly so.

Right, sleep, overdue. On it.

I almost forgot;
Hey look, it’s an awesome design on a tank!

Thanks Woot! :slight_smile:

Love the black and yellow combo!

Maybe it should be glow in the dark, as well.

Maybe it does…

That smug ball of gas!

I liked this when it came up for sale, but my closet is full and buying any more shirts means doing some pruning, so I didn’t purchase. But now, less than two hours later, I’m back to buy the tank. I can’t help myself. I must have it.

I would get one, but my flight to Timbuk 3 is already boarding.

I studied nuclear science; I love this t-shirt.

60 thou a year will buy a lot of Woot shirts…

I think this sunny character is going through some Con-Fusion Illusion… :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Who in the heck is that character with the crown? That isn’t me…

How does one go about getting a decent Avatar around here?

The Sun isn’t wearing shades, the lenses are clear, you can see his eyes and the surface behind isn’t darker at all.

I think you’re mistaking the glare effect for actual eyeballs.

Wait a minute, why does the sun even need sunglasses? Is it staring into a supernova?

Woot dropped the price from the $15.00 it was listed at this morning to $12.00 and issued a credit for the shirts I ordered without me even complaining. How cool is WOOT?!

Thanks, fellas :slight_smile:

I kind of don’t get the pun … :frowning:

The price drop is nice, but I bought a $12 shirt of a different sale along with the $15 tank of this sale and used a coupon for $10 off of $25. So if they give me $3 back my $10 off coupon will no longer apply. So far they haven’t given me $3 back, but I did get an email saying they had. Oh well. Two great shirts.