Futures Past

Where’s the 2004 space monkey invasion? Otherwise, most excellent shirt.

Always helps to have a time line handy.

I love that Resident Evil is included.

What about WWIII begins, Tokyo destroyed (1988)?

My favorite movie Escape From New York was referenced! FTW!

what’s this about eurasia? it’s always been eastasia!

I need some of these explained… i get about 70% t virus, humpback whales,2012 and 2009 are the ones I struggling with

Cool design…but this should be a poster, not a shirt. TL,DR.

Humpback whales extinct: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0092007/?ref_=nv_sr_1

The T-virus is the viral contagion responsible for the zombies in Resident Evil. Invented by Umbrella Corp., whose logo is included on the design.


The rest of them? I’m as confused as you.

T Virus as already explained is in reference to the Resident Evil series.
Humpback extinction is Star Trek 4
2009 is in reference to Children of Men
2012 Alien colonization is in reference to the X-Files movies

A bit much for a shirt, especially since that includes boob-area coverage. Would love this on a tote though o.o

Where’s September 13, 1999, the day the moon was blown out of orbit? Cool shirt idea, but missed that one.

The top half was pretty easy for me:

1984 - George Orwell book
1988 - Escape from Manhattan
1992->2001 - A Space Odyssey
1997 - Lost in Space
21st century - Star Trek 4
2009 - no clue but Children of Men is listed above.
2015 - Back to the Future

For the bottom half, I hardly knew any.

1992 - I thought it was Blade Runner but that’s 2019. no clue.
1992-1996 - I had to look that up but KAHN!!!
1997 - I had to look up Terminator
1998 - I knew Umbrella Corp
2000 - no clue - found it - Escape from Los Angeles
2009 - I had to look up Cloverfield
2012 - no clue but X-files is listed above

2000 - Escape from LA

I would have liked to have seen Pacific Rim added… Kaiju first appeared on August 10th, 2013 in San Francisco.

oops beat me to it.

That covers everything except 1992. Can’t really look up android bounty hunters when there is an android game called bounty hunter.

The original version of the novel that Blade Runner is based off of takes place in 1992. They changed the date for later versions of the novel and for the film to 2019/2021.

All of the references are to movies. So, if this is supposed to be a reference to the movie Blade Runner, then the shirt designer made a continuity mistake. Something that happens in the movies all the time… (grin)


I would like references to the original Planet of the Apes movies.

1973 - Talking chimps arrive from outer space!