Fuzzoodles Giant Bonus Kit



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Fuzzoodles Giant Bonus Kit
$14.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Wow, that is a lot of fuzz and color in one picture. Sort of looks like what I imagine when a Muppet throws up.

Kinda sorta


Previously Sold On 9/29/2012 for $14.99


I have no idea what this is, but you’ll never find a finer one.


Most amazing deal of the week. Defenitly


This belongs on kids woot!


I’m not really sure what these are, but I’ve wanted them my entire life…


i lol’d


The monkey’s now will have oodles of new friends


looks like fun for kids


They look like our avatars.


LOL I was gonna say it looks like a muppet explosion!


Get rid of them. They are starting to hurt my eyes with the bright colors


I did. you can thank me later :slight_smile: