Fuzzy Wuzzy Wuz a Furry

I own 11 of these shirts. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sooooo you’re getting the other 10 today?

Nah, not my choice of animals. :wink:

If the purple shirts are still by American Apparel, be sure to order a size or two up from normal. They shrink severely when run through a normal wash/dry cycle. Do not put them in the dryer!! Mine went from a Women’s large to a Women’s small after one cycle. I also recently ordered the koala shirt in women’s large. Width-wise it’s fine, but length-wise it’s much shorter than my previous woot shirts. I’m not sure what’s going on with Woot shirt sizing for women’s shirts lately. It’s never the same between different shirts. Just size up to be safe.

Purple is still AA.

I own 10. :slight_smile:

It’s unlikely that it’s the 10 you don’t have, however, as I have a fair share of @fablefire shirts too. At least a dozen. Probably closer to 20. I’m not sure.

My experience with AA is that they don’t shrink that much, but they are sized differently. ALWAYS CHECK THE SIZING CHARTS!! They are posted on every product page! The majority of the shirts used otherwise are manufactured by Anvil … which I’ll be nice and not go into my normal rants here since there are several other threads already.

(Your results may vary.)


I’m glad I own most of these, or my head might explode…however, I only own most

I hate to say this, but… that’s not Ziggy Stardust. That is Aladdin Sane. Ziggy Stardust had the golden circle on his forehead.

EDIT: Oh, I’m still going to buy it, I think. Just going to have a hard time holding my tongue when people mention it.

I thought of you as soon as I saw all the foxes.

A ‘furry’ sale that is entirely ferals and doesnt contain a single anthro - nope - thats not gonna alienate any of the furry community or demonstrate capitalising on something from outside

Sarcasm noted but unfounded. This will alienate approximately nobody. Furries tend to wear cute animal shirts such as these. Fact.

That aside, there is at least a single “anthro” shirt. I’d argue that “Couldn’t Care Less Bear”, “Ziggy Starfox”, and “Fox Byte” are quite anthropomorphic on the sliding scale of furry.

Nerd arguments aside, I’m fond of the Quick Brown Fox (I have 2) as well as Nyan’s Dream.

Additionally, ‘Furry’ hasn’t managed to win any derbies, so there aren’t really any furry shirts available to be sold here in the sense you’d hope for. Instead, these shirts appeal very well TO the furry crowd, as evidenced by many of the ones featured here being common at furry cons. Fact :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That said, I would like to see Woot arrange for a cooperative deal with FurAffinity, where-in FurAffinity holds a design contest, and Woot prints the designs in a true Furry sidesale, including bringing them into their back catalog. There are many very very talented furry artists who simply don’t know or understand what a place like Woot can offer.

Maybe this is something that can happen once FA gets some of its S*** together following this IMVU buyout and website adjustments.

I would love to see some cool furry-feel anthropomorphics in my wardrobe on the Woot side of the closet. :wink:

I feel it may be a tough sell on the artist’s side. To be included in the back catalog means the artist relinquishes all printing rights in perpetuity.

…and I missed it. :frowning: Silly “ends at 12AM” wording.