Gård Vintners Riesling Ice Wine (2)

41 brix! That’s high!
Has anybody had this wine? We’re icewine fans here, but there’s so much variability it’d be nice to have a trusted palate weigh in.
Also, this sounds like the real deal, but can the winery confirm this is true icewine and not ice box wine?

Ugh. Can’t ship this wine to NC :frowning:

Greetings from the winery! Our ice wines come direct from vines on our estate vineyard, where the fruit has been frozen solid on the vine. No ice box wine here ever.

Here’s what Wine Enthusiast had to say about it when it rated this wine 91 points: A pale golden color, this wine contains a whopping 260 g/L residual sugar. The aromas are vibrant and seem more evolved than its age might suggest, with notes of diesel, brown sugar, orange peel and honey that lead to intensely sweet brown-sugar and maple-syrup flavors that linger on the finish.

I’ll be checking in, so let me know if you have any other questions I can help with.

Thanks, Lisa

Notes from Aryn Morell, Gard Winemaker:

Golden copper in color, notes of white raisins, citrus caramel sauce and sticky toffee pudding. The palate is immensely sweet with enough acidity to give it lift and keep it remarkably fresh. The fruit is reminiscent of caramelized peaches and pears with a hint of roasted nuts.

This fruit came in at over 500g/L of sugar and took all of a year to finish fermenting. This extremely rich and caramelized version isn’t likely to be repeated again, as trying to ferment at that sugar level is difficult and the extremely cold temperatures it froze at (3 degrees) are rare at this Lawrence Vineyards site.

41 brix sounds just right for me. The sweeter, the better.

Bought this offering earlier this year in January, it was quite enjoyable.

Was sitting on the 2nd bottle, tempted to pop it now and order another pair.