Gård Vintners

Gård Vintners

Gård Vintners 2009 Altruism Riesling 6-Pack
$62.99 (Normally $84.00) 25% off List Price
2009 Altruism Riesling

Gård Vintners 2010 Altruism Pinot Gris 6-Pack
$62.99 (Normally $84.00) 25% off List Price
2010 Altruism Pinot Gris

Gård Vintners 2009 Dry Riesling 4-Pack
$59.99 (Normally $80.00) 25% off List Price
2009 Dry Riesling

Mixed White Case
$133.99 (Normally $186.00) 28% off List Price
3 2010 Freyja
3 2009 Altruism Riesling
3 2009 Dry Riesling
3 2010 Altruism Pinot Gris
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Lisa, after all the great comments from your two earlier appearances, thanks for coming back!
As you see, I’ll not miss them this time due to shipping issues.


Fantastic! Great to be back at Wine.Woot!

Hi folks! Tasting notes and technical specs can be found at Gard Vintners: Fine Washington wines produced by Lawrence Cellars

My wallet is saved. I enjoyed both Rieslings and the Pinot Gris was good for a varietal that I don’t like, but I(we) really liked the Freyja and I was hoping to see some of that offered separately. Since it is not, my wallet is saved. This is all good stuff for the price though. Buy up guys.

Hi would you say the pinot gris was live, crisp, and refreshing like a CA sauv blanc? Im looking for a stainless steel sipper that fits the aforementioned bill. Any info appreciated! As a frame of reference, i really enjoyed the LMR sauv blanc

I have not had the LMR SB, though I have a bottle. I didn’t take good notes on the Pinot Gris, but if I recall, it fits your description fairly well. It’s definitely not in the grassy range like like you would get in a NZ SB. It was light, crisp, maybe a slight minerality.

Yep, same here. Looking for the Freyja as a stand alone.

Bought when offered on woot before. Glad to see just the pinot available. Def in for the pinot… I really enjoyed these. Didn’t think the rieslings were sweet enough so will pass on those. Sorry I didn’t take any notes! Was really nice on a hot day, I remember that. So in Texas I can drink them until at least Thanksgiving.