G & F Hyper Grip Non-Slip Work Gloves

These gloves will give you a better grip on your tool!

Wow Woot; you are either playing the long game or Tools & Garden is here to stay!

Only if you’re a guy! If ya know what I mean!

I use them for the sole purpose of eliminating blisters while mowing the lawn/shoveling snow and such. Pretty much useful for any manual labor though.


What a great idea!!!

(And i LOVED the poem!!)

Real quick
7.49 tonight
$15.97 Home depot

$15.55 medium/$15.97 large/extra large at Amazon, 25 reviews, 4 stars

and no, I’m not going to try to look for a manual tonight.

Exclusive Non-slip Palm Technology provides the best griping experience

Totally in for a pair. As a curmudgeon, I’m always looking for a better griping experience.

What would that manual even read like? hahahahah

I should have shown tongue in cheek or if I said I was looking for a “Handual” instead,…


I miss Calvin & Hobbes,…

Hey guys, these gloves are just a front. The real gold is hidden here

Me too.

me too :frowning:

Uh—how’d you do that?

I expect you could use these at the gym to help with your grip and eliminate blisters.

No XXL? Booooooo.

No small
Boo Hoo!!!

:tongue: they posted this VIP deal to Facebook. I know a lot of people don’t use it, so I shared it here too.