G & F Hyper Grip Non-Slip Work Gloves

Now that I’m in for. Awesome!

Costco has a 6 or 7 pack for the same price.

These are great for auto repair. You maintain dexterity while having a layer that can be burned, ripped, twisted and otherwise abused before your actual hand skin. Bulky leather gloves make it hard to use complex tools in tight spaces.

Don’t know what size to get because you don’t have a ruler?

Grab a normal piece of paper, and turn it sideways. Lay your hand on it, with the base of your palm (you know, the part you use when you TIGER STRIKE your enemies) on the edge of the paper. Make a mark on the paper at the tip of your middle finger (the one you use to tell other drivers you approve and want to subscribe to their newsletter!). The paper is 8.5 inches wide, so you should be able to ballpark it from there.

If you can’t ballpark very well, the length of your thumb from the middle knuckle to the tip is often around an inch, so you can use that to help estimate.

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Link to prove it?

In for 3 - planning to use these for on-set video work and also some for light hiking/climbing.

just for you guys

Doesn’t look like the same price to me…

it was in store, picked them up over the weekend. don’t see them online

As someone who has used a lot of gloves, I find they’re all about equal as far as longevity goes. No matter what I pay they all are pretty much shot after a 50 hour work week.

Granted if you’re just using these around the house they’re likely to last much longer.

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I got a pair of these for free from a job I did in a warehouse for a couple weeks. They’re great for preventing calluses. I still use my mine when people ask me to help them move.

Me too, boo hoo. The mediums are about an inch too long for my hands. Probably get a blister just trying them out.

I’ve had a pair of these under a different name. Lasted 1 week until the stitching on the finger tips gave way and the glove was headed for the trash. If they had some sort of protective finger covering I’d be in for 3.

I don’t know what size to get. I have pretty thin hands, but very long fingers. The measurements are Large width and over XL length. I feel like I should go to Home Depot to try the on first, but don’t want to waste my time and gas.

These types of gloves are great when you need to escape to the garage workshop for a while in cold weather and keep your hands warm while still looking like you’re actually working.

These look alot like the Firm Grip brand that HD also sells. I’ve had 3 different pairs fail because of stitching problems, including one pair that had reinforced finger tips. Even though they are bulkier, I stick with hide (cow or goat) gloves because they last a lot longer and are only a bit more expensive than textile gloves.

I use my bad back as an excuse when people ask me to help them move. Also prevents calluses.