G.Debbas Chocolate Bunnies for Easter (10)

G.Debbas Chocolate Bunnies for Easter White & Milk Chocolate 10-Pack
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
$29.99 $40.00 25% off List Price
(5) - G.Debbas White Chocolate Cookies & Cream Bunny, 2.2 oz.
(5) - G.Debbas Milk Chocolate with Candied Chocolates Bunny, 2.2 oz.

Are these new or refurbished?

Also are they Mac compatible?

Just ordered one and email states “Estimated delivery date: April 4th”. This just in: Easter is on April 1st. Wtf, Woot!?

The estimated delivery date is playing an April Fools joke on us!! Well, Wine Country Connect has promised us these will be delivered by Easter, and not after. The estimated delivery date uses an algorithm and it is automated and used for every item on our site, and we can’t really mess with it too much. But yes, these will be delivered by Easter.

Is $43+/pound the standard price for chocolate on this site?


There are 22 ounces of chocolate for sale here (2.2oz times 10) for $30 shipped. Your math is way off.

Just send me the ears…


No! They’re mine! You can’t have them!

It’s 21.81 a lb. Still a yikes!! Ridonk…


Yay! 10 laxatives dressed up as chewables.

Good Easter poo. :slight_smile:

ya gatta admit, it’s a pretty compelling little write up.

this is a superior version of store bought stuff. FWIW.