G. Debbas Valentine Wine Filled Truffles

G. Debbas Wine Filled Truffles Valentine Collection
$34.99 $58.00 40% off List Price
(1) - Chocolate Truffles Valentine Heart Box, 13 Pieces
(1) - Chardonnay Filled Chocolates, 6 Pieces
(1) - Cabernet Filled Chocolates, 6 Pieces
(1) - Champagne Filled Chocolates, 6 Pieces

Is there an expiration date on these? I bought something similar a few years ago online only to find out after opening, the chocolates had that white coating of old chocolate.

Just pinged Mr. Guy Debbas himself. His answer: These are freshly made for the offer and last 3 months at least.

I used to think that, but it turns out you can get that on chocolate that is <1 day old. It’s usually from temperature changes (like shipping in a box in the summer) and is still safe to eat.


You can tell if chocolate has actually gone bad by taking a bite. If it tastes massively bitter, or like onions or something, then it’s gone bad and you should spit/throw it out.

If it tastes ok though, there are two solutions to your ugly chocolate problem. The hard one: melt it down to reconstitute the fat/sugar. The easy one: close your eyes and imagine perfect looking chocolate. :slight_smile:

Been munching through some of the boxes of caramels and pecan patties that I have not yet given away and are over a year old. Definitely not their prime - but still edible (though I wouldn’t want to give them as gifts at this point.)

I am going to adopt that technique – hold onto chocolate until, darn it, it’s just too old to gift!

Ordered with one minute to spare. :joy: I love these things, and I can actually have them shipped to Utah!