G. Debbas Wine-Filled Chocolates (6)

Interested in these, but has anyone tried them? Just wanting to get any review before I throw down the coin on them. Thanks!

Do it. I’ve gotten them a few times and they’re great. In for two - have to share with the family.

I have ordered them a few times as well. They’re really delicious. You can probably expect one or two chocolates per package to “leak” a bit, but I’ve never had them inedible because of it. I personally like the coffin assortment best because of the dark chocolate and the reds inside - they suit my taste better than the white wines and white chocolate featured other times of the year.

Sounds good, thanks for the reviews, in for one.

I’ve had these before as well, bought the non-coffin version with the white chico and champagne filling assortment. I agree I think I’ll like these better. Many complaints last time I bought about these arriving broken or leaking. I had only one box that appeared to be slightly melted from the heat of travel but not broken, and certainly edible although less presentable, I simply saved that one for myself. In for two more these make great office gifts.

I take it back, I guess I’m not buying because Woot said at 36 years old I’m just a kid and not old enough to purchase. Thanks Woot!

On the order detail page, just below your address, there’s a place to set your birthday.

Order these. You won’t regret it.

Ok now I see that. Seems kind of pointless to need me to input my age since I would lie if I were a minor and wanted to get drunk off chocolate balls but thank you for the heads up TT.

Purchased, looking forward to these.

I doubted these would arrive in time, but they showed up with plenty of time to spare. I believe they came in three or four days ago, almost a week prior to halloween, I purchased 2 orders, so 12 coffins of chocos total. I stored them in a deli case fridge here at work until today to distribute them to my office buddies. They arrived well packaged but with minimal packing peanuts, but the box was sized appropriately they didn’t need much to prevent shifting around. One box is sticky on the outside with a little chocolate smeared on the inner face, I guess that one’s mine. The other 11 boxes were all in good, presentable condition.

You had much better luck than I did. Not one box was intact, the packing material was welded into a sugary mass and two boxes appeared to have been blowtorched or something - melted into flat little lumps. Woot made up for it but I was very sad. Still, this was the first time it happened though I’ve ordered candy many times. Maybe just a fluke.