G. Debbas Wine-Filled Chocolates (6)

G. Debbas Coffin Wine-Filled Chocolates 6-Pack - (36 Pieces Total)
$29.99 $̶7̶2̶.̶0̶0̶ 58% off List Price
Dracula Blood Cabernet Filled Chocolates 2-Pack
Vampire Potion Pinot Noir Filled Chocolates 2-Pack
Zombie Spiked Punch Filled Chocolates 2-Pack


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I had G. Debbas chocolate truffles a couple years ago and loved them. I’m a teatotaller, but not completely against a bit of the stuff. Would I be wasting my time with these in terms of enjoyment? Or should I go for it?

Edit: Ok, you all convinced me, I’m in for three! Good job all.

Previous woot 1/24/2013. Same price.
Was in for 3. Suggest the same this time around.

The G. Debbas video is worth it just to hear him pronounce his name, and to find out he cares about each piece.

In for 3, they make great gifts.

Ahh, I would love some of these but I’m in Florida, and I’m sure they’d melt on their way here.

:slight_smile: I think I will purchase these, my mother will love em.

These are amazing. Got them last time and I’ll be getting them again.

Just curious. Overall description says “Filled with premium California wines; Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Port”

On the individual descriptions the port is spiked punch?

These are food items but have alcoholic content… are they affected by the laws about shipping booze to certain states?

I’m in PA (which has that stupid restriction), but I was able to get them the last time around. I guess because they are considered a confection vs. alcohol, they can be shipped.

First, thank you, Woot!

I stored my last batch in the fridge for four months and they held up. They’re definitely fine for 3 months in the fridge (or, better still, wine cellar!).

Last, for the teetotaler, you won’t get drunk off these, but they definitely taste a bit like wine and have the same heat (alcohol) on the tongue. So, whether you should buy them or not depends on your reason for avoiding alcohol. If you don’t like the taste, don’t buy these. If you don’t like the effects, you can buy these without problem.

These look amazing! I would buy these for sure if I hadn’t lost my job due to budget cuts yesterday. Can’t justify this now. :frowning:

I ordered these last time they showed up - I think for Valentines day. They indeed are very very good. But for me personally I feel that spending $1 for one piece is just too much. If you buy them I’m sure you will enjoy them.

Why is tax being added to WA State?

Woot is required to collect sales tax on orders shipped to WA state.

The wife hates when I buy candy, but the great reviews made me do it. In!

Any thoughts on when these will ship? I’ll be out of town for a week soon and wouldn’t want them sitting on the porch.

Hopefully you’ve found a loophole.

But, they may make you “blow” positive on a breathalyzer if RECENTLY consumed, heed that caution! (Same as alcohol containing mouth wash, etc.)