G. Debbas Woot Cellars Wine Filled Chocolates

G. Debbas Woot Cellars Wine Filled Chocolates
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6 - G. Debbas Woot Cellars Wine Filled Chocolates - 6 pieces each

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Well done!

I love these things. In for 2 to give some as gifts to the family.

Any more adequate gift out there. That was only getting better! I don’t really need the chocolate.

Interesting! The normal G. Debbas chocolates here are usually an assortment of Cab., Chardonnay and I believe pinot. These just say red blend. Is it safe to assume that they include Adequate Gift Wine… or is it another play on words, this is an adequate gift with an unknown wine? I ask because the picture doesn’t really look like red wine, but the red wine filled chocolates are the ones I prefer.

I don’t want to live in a world where we don’t need chocolate!

No need to assume. If you take a look at the Specs, the list of ingredients state “Woot Cellars Adequate Gift Red WINE”.

I’m hoping “Woot Cellars 2008” is just a name and not really 8 year old chocolate. :smiley:

ok it’s BAD enough that the military forced me to move to this godforsaken state that won’t allow me to fulfill my Wine Woot dreams anymore… the LEAST you could do is let me buy all the wine filled chocolates my hear desires. just sayin

LOL. It’s the wine that’s 8 years old, not the chocolate.

Thank God for no wine offered today, my CC can take at least one day off for now.

Finally! Something I actually want that will ship to Utah!

To reiterate the previously asked question, (sorry if I missed the answer) a similar product like this has been offered as an assortment of types, Red/chardonnay/pino. Is this just Red or is it a variety? Thanks!

You did miss the answer…

Awesome! Thanks for the reply. Maybe I should slow the speed of my scroll wheel…

+1, on all counts.

Hello! yes, we used the woot cellars adequate gift (and it is tasting great right now) and used the wine for these wine filled chocolates.

they are amazing tasting and I personally love the humor of the packaging.

Good to hear that Adequate Gift is tasting great - I still have several bottles! Methinks one might have to be opened this weekend.