G. Debbas Woot Cellars Wine Filled Chocolates

This has definitely been a record week for my wine woot purchases. I almost dread seeing what’s offered tomorrow.

Seeing the combo of chocolate AND Adequate Gift (which should be named More-Than-Adequae-Gift) makes this an easy choice.

Plus, having this many boxes means I can actually give some away. Like I did (not) do with the wine (and likely won’t with the chocolates either). Kudos woot!

How long can these be cellared? What’s the eating window?

I’m trusting you in this, you better not lead me astray.

G.Debbas, the producer says the Best Buy date is March 5, 2017

This is correct!

At least you are in the States…?

And not in the Middle East section of this God-forsaken planet…

Trust me, I know…